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кофе ‎(kofe)

  1. coffee


Alternative forms[edit]


First attested in 1653. Ultimately from Arabic قَهْوَة ‎(qahwa, coffee, a brew, wine).



ко́фе ‎(kófem inan, n inan ‎(indeclinable)

  1. coffee (in the form of a beverage)
    чёрный ко́фе‎ ― čórnyj kófe ― black coffee
    ко́фе с молоко́м‎ ― kófe s molokóm ― milk coffee / white coffee
    кре́пкий ко́фе‎ ― krépkij kófe ― strong coffee
    ча́шка ко́фе‎ ― čáška kófe ― a cup of coffee
  2. coffee (in the form of beans)
    ко́фе в зёрнах‎ ― kófe v zjórnax ― whole-bean coffee
    молотый ко́фе‎ ― molotyj kófe ― ground coffee
    растворимый ко́фе‎ ― rastvorimyj kófe ― instant coffee
    ко́фе без кофеина‎ ― kófe bez kofeina ― decaf

Usage notes[edit]

  • The word ко́фе is masculine, but is often informally treated as neuter: горячее ко́фе. Such usage is usually frowned upon by educated people.
  • The word ко́фе is indeclinable, but may sometimes be declined into some cases, usually for humorous effect: налить кофю (partitive case, rare); нет кофя (genitive); угостить кофем (instrumental).
  • Since the lack of declension is inconvenient for some people, the diminutive forms of ко́фе, кофеёк ‎(kofejók) or the dated form кофий ‎(kofij), are sometimes used.

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]