палец ноги

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  • IPA(key): [ˈpalʲɪt͡s nɐˈɡʲi]


па́лец ноги́ (pálec nogím inan (genitive па́льца ноги́, nominative plural па́льцы ноги́, genitive plural па́льцев ноги́)

  1. toe (each of the five digits on the end of the foot) (lit.: finger/digit of the foot)
    ко́сти па́льцев но́гkósti pálʹcev nógtoe bones

Usage notes[edit]

  • The term па́лец (pálec) means both "finger" and "toe", to distinguish from "finger" the qualifier "ноги́"/"ног" ("of the foot/feet") or "на ноге́"/"на нога́х" ("on the foot/feet") is used. The translation is given as a back translation into English only, "палец ноги" is not considered a word or a fixed phrase by native speakers.