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покрај (pokraj)

  1. despite
    Покрај твоето незадоволство, ќе останеме тука до крај.
    Despite your dissatisfaction, we'll remain here until the end.
  2. beside, next to
    Се чувствувам безбедно кога си покрај мене.
    I feel safe when you're beside me.

Usage notes[edit]

  • When used in the sense of "despite", this preposition is most commonly reinforced with the particle "и" in front.



  • IPA(key): /pôkraj/
  • Hyphenation: по‧крај


pȍkraj (Latin spelling pȍkraj) (+ genitive case)

  1. alongside, next to, beside (= по̏ред, кра̏ј, до̏)
    Дођи, с(ј)едни покрај мене.Come here. Sit next to me.
  2. past, by (so as to move from one side of something to the other (= по̏ред, кра̏ј)
    Метак је пролетио точно покрај мене.The bullet flew right by me.
  3. (regional) along, down (in a constant direction with or opposite another (= ни̏з, ду̏ж, у̏здӯж)
    Ц(иј)елу вечер провели смо ходајући покрај обале.We spent the entire evening walking along the shore.

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