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сади́ться (sadítʹsjaimpf (perfective сесть)

  1. to sit down, to sit up
    Сади́тесь, пожа́луйста.Sadítesʹ, požálujsta.Please sit down; please get on (e.g. car) (formal)
  2. to take, to board, to get on
    сади́сь на едини́цу
    sadísʹ na jedinícu
    take number one (tram, bus, etc.) (informal)
  3. to sit down to
  4. to land, to alight
  5. to be imprisoned
  6. to shrink (about clothes after washing)
  7. passive of сади́ть (sadítʹ)

Usage notes[edit]

The imperfective verb сади́ться (sadítʹsja) and its perfective counterpart сесть (sestʹ) are both intransitive despite the retroflex suffix -ся (-sja) being absent in сесть (sestʹ).


Related terms[edit]