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хва́щам (hváštamimpf (perfective хва́на)

  1. to hold
  2. to catch (an object, a person, a taxi, a disease, etc.)
  3. (colloquial) to to go to (someone)'s head (of alcohol)
  4. (colloquial, figuratively) to overwhelm, to seize (someone) (of a feeling)
    хва́на ме депре́сияhvána me deprésijaI got depressed (literally, “depression seized me”)
  5. (colloquial) to be covered with (rust, mold, fleas, dust, etc.)
  6. to take hold, to set in (of the weather)
  7. to take (of paint, fire, etc.)
  8. (colloquial) to start (doing something)
  9. (colloquial) to deduct (an amount)
  10. (colloquial) to set out, to depart
  11. (reflexive) (~ се) to hold (onto)
  12. (reflexive) (~ се) to be caught (e.g. in a trap)
  13. (reflexive) (~ се) to be deceived
  14. (reflexive) (~ се) to start work
  15. (reflexive) (~ се) to take root (of plants)