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तन्तु (tántum

  1. thread, cord, string, line, wire, warp (of a web), filament, fibre
  2. cobweb
  3. a succession of sacrificial performances
  4. any one propagating his family in regular succession
  5. a line of descendants
  6. any continuity (as of thirst or hope)
  7. name of a सामन् (sāman)
  8. = नाग (-nāga)


Masculine u-stem declension of तन्तु
Nom. sg. तन्तुः (tantuḥ)
Gen. sg. तन्तोः (tantoḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative तन्तुः (tantuḥ) तन्तू (tantū) तन्तवः (tantavaḥ)
Vocative तन्तो (tanto) तन्तू (tantū) तन्तवः (tantavaḥ)
Accusative तन्तुम् (tantum) तन्तू (tantū) तन्तून् (tantūn)
Instrumental तन्तुना (tantunā) तन्तुभ्याम् (tantubhyām) तन्तुभिः (tantubhiḥ)
Dative तन्तवे (tantave) तन्तुभ्याम् (tantubhyām) तन्तुभ्यः (tantubhyaḥ)
Ablative तन्तोः (tantoḥ) तन्तुभ्याम् (tantubhyām) तन्तुभ्यः (tantubhyaḥ)
Genitive तन्तोः (tantoḥ) तन्त्वोः (tantvoḥ) तन्तूनाम् (tantūnām)
Locative तन्तौ (tantau) तन्त्वोः (tantvoḥ) तन्तुषु (tantuṣu)

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