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From Sauraseni Prakrit 𑀢𑀺𑀓𑁆𑀔 (tikkha), from Sanskrit तीक्ष्ण (tīkṣṇa, sharp), ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *(s)teyg-.



तीखा (tīkhā) (Urdu spelling تیکھا‎)

  1. pungent, strong (having a strong, often acidic, odor)
  2. spicy, hot
    यह पनीर बहुत तीखा है, मेरी नाक इसीलिए बंद हो गई है।
    yah panīr bahut tīkhā hai, merī nāk isīlie band ho gaī hai.
    This cheese is very spicy, and I am unable to breathe because of it.
    Synonym: मिर्ची (mircī)
  3. sharp, piercing
  4. high, shrill (high-pitched)


Declension of तीखा
Masculine Feminine
Singular Plural Singular Plural
Direct तीखा (tīkhā) तीखे (tīkhe) तीखी (tīkhī) तीखी (tīkhī)
Oblique तीखे (tīkhe) तीखे (tīkhe) तीखी (tīkhī) तीखी (tīkhī)
Vocative तीखे (tīkhe) तीखे (tīkhe) तीखी (tīkhī) तीखी (tīkhī)


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