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दिव्य (divya)

  1. (दिव्य Pāṇ. 4-2, 101) divine, heavenly, celestial (opp. to पार्थिव, आन्तरीक्ष or मानुष).
  2. supernatural, wonderful, magical (अङ्गार RV. x, 34, 9; औषध Bhartṛ. ii, 18; वासस् Nal. xiv, 24; compare -चक्षुस्, -ज्ञान etc. below)
  3. charming, beautiful, agreeable.


दिव्य (divyam

  1. a kind of animal (= धन्वन).
  2. barley L.
  3. bdellium L.
  4. name of a prince.
  5. name of the author of RV.


दिव्य (divyan

  1. divine world, anything divine.
  2. pl., the celestial regions, the sky, heaven.
  3. ordeal (10 kinds, viz. तुला, अग्नि, जल, विष, कोश, तण्डुल, तप्त-माष, फाल, धर्माधर्म, तुलसी, compare ss.vv.) Yājñ. ii, 22, 95 Pañc. i, 450/451, 451, 452, etc.
  4. oath, solemn promise.
  5. cloves L.
  6. a sort of sandal L.
  7. N. of a grammar, [compare Gk. δῖος for διϝιος; Lat. di1us for divius in sub@dIo.]


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