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Formed from the accusative singular पादम् ‎(pādam) of पद् ‎(pád).


पाद ‎(pā́dam

  1. the foot (of men and animals)
  2. the foot or leg of an inanimate object, column, pillar
  3. wheel
  4. a foot as a measure
  5. the foot or root of a tree
  6. the foot or a hill at the foot of a mountain
  7. bottom
  8. a ray or beam of light (considered as the foot of a heavenly body)
  9. quarter, fourth Part (the fourth of a quadruped being one out of 4)
  10. quadrant (of a circle)
  11. a verse or line (as the fourth part of a regular stanza)
  12. the caesura of a verse agni-purāṇa, the chapter of a book