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मह् (mah)

  1. (orig. मघ् ; cf. also √ मंह्) cl.1.10. P. (Dhātup. xvii, 81 ; xxxv, 15) महति, महयति (Ved. and ep. also Ā. महते, °हयते ; p. महत् q.v. ; pf. ममाह Gr. ; मामहे ; Subj. मामहन्त, मामहस् RV. ; aor. अमहीत् Gr. ; fut. महिता, महिष्यति ib. ; ind.p. महित्वा MBh. ; inf. महे, and महये q.v.) to elate, gladden, exalt, arouse, excite RV. Br. Kauṡ. ChUp. MBh.
  2. to magnify, esteem highly, honour, revere MBh. Kāv. &c.
  3. (Ā.) to rejoice, delight in (instr. or acc.) RV. iii, 52, 6 ; vi, 15, 2
  4. to give, bestow ib. i, 94, 6 ; 117, 17 ; v, 27, 1 &c. [cf. Gk. μέγ-ας ;Lat. magnus, mactus ; Old Germ. michel ; Eng. mickle, much.]