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नपुसकलिंग (napusakliṅg): मूल n (mūl)
पुल्लिंग (pulliṅg): मुलगा m (mulgā)
स्त्रीलिंग (strīliṅg): मुलगी f (mulgī)


मुलगा (mulgām

  1. boy, guy
    Synonyms: पोर (por), पोरगा (porgā)
  2. son
    Synonyms: पुत्र (putra), लेक (lek) (uncommon)

Usage notes[edit]

While the words मुलगा (mulgā) and मुलगी (mulgī) are often used interchangeably with the word मूल (mūl), the words मुलगा (mulgā) and मुलगी (mulgī) should be discriminated from the word मूल (mūl). The letter (but not the word-final ) may be deleted when the word मुलगा (mulgā) is declined making it appear similar to मूल (mūl).

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