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From Proto-Indo-European *weǵʰ- (to ride). Cognates include Latin vehō and Old English wegan (English weigh).


वहति (váhati) (cl.1 P. A1. root √vah)

  1. to carry, transport, convey (with instr. of vehicle)
  2. to lead, conduct (especially offerings to the gods, said of Agni)
  3. to bear along (water, said of rivers)
  4. to draw (a car), guide (horses etc.)
  5. to lead towards, to bring, procure, bestow
  6. to cause, effect
  7. to offer (a sacrifice)
  8. to spread, diffuse (scent)
  9. to shed (tears)
  10. to carry away, carry off, rob
  11. to lead home, take to wife, marry
  12. to bear or carry on or with
  13. to take or carry with or about one's self, have, possess
  14. to wear (clothes)
  15. (with शिरस् (śiras)) to bear one's head (उच्चैश्तराम् (uccaiś-tarām, high))
  16. (with वसुंधराम् (vasuṃdharām) or क्ष्मामण्डालम् (kṣmā-maṇḍālam)) to support i.e. rule the earth
  17. (with गर्भम् (garbham)) to be with child
  18. to bear, suffer, endure
  19. to forbear, forgive, pardon
  20. to undergo (with agnim, viṣam, tulām, 'the ordeal of fire, poison, and the balance')
  21. to experience, feel
  22. to exhibit, show, betray
  23. to pay (a fine)
  24. to pass, spend (time)
  25. (intransitive) to drive, ride, go by or in (with instr. of the vehicle), be borne or carried along, run, swim
  26. to draw (scil. a carriage, said of a horse)
  27. to blow (as wind)
  28. to pass away, elapse
  29. to be drawn or borne by (+ instrumental) or along or off
  30. (causative) to cause to bear or carry or convey or draw, drive (a chariot), guide or ride (a horse), propel (a boat), go or travel by any vehicle
  31. (causative) to cause to guide
  32. (causative) to cause any one (+ accusative) to carry anything (+accusative) on (+locative)
  33. (causative) to cause to take in marriage
  34. (causative) to cause to be conveyed by (+instrumental)
  35. (causative) to traverse (a road)
  36. (causative) to accomplish (a journey)
  37. (causative) to employ, keep going or in work
  38. (causative) to give, administer
  39. (causative) to take in, deceive
  40. (intensive) to carry hither and thither
  41. to bear (a burden)


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