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The cuneiform characters Unicode displays by default do not accurately represent the original script. To view the correct characters install the correct fonts at www.hethport.uni-wuerzburg.de.


From Proto-Indo-European *pṓds.


𒄊𒀸 (GÌR-ašc

  1. foot


Phonemic transcription (IPA)
Common gender Singular Plural
nominative /'patas/ /'patɛs/, /'patis/
vocative /'pati/, /'pata/
accusative /'patan/ /'patɔs/
genitive /'patas/ /'patas/, /'patan/
dative-locative /'pati/ /'patas/
allative /'pata/
ablative /'patat͡s/ /'patat͡s/
instrumental /'patitː/ /'patitː/
The IPA values given in this table are reconstructed.
Broad transcription
Common gender Singular Plural
nominative pataš pateš, patiš
vocative pati, pata
accusative patan patuš
genitive pataš pataš, patan
dative-locative pati pataš
allative pata
ablative pataz(a) pataz(a)
instrumental patit patit
Common gender Singular Plural
nominative GÌR-aš GÌR-eš, GÌR-iš
vocative GÌR-a, GÌR-i
accusative GÌR-an GÌR-uš
genitive GÌR-aš GÌR-aš, GÌR-an
dative-locative GÌR-i GÌR-aš
allative GÌR-a
ablative GÌR-az GÌR-az
instrumental GÌR-it GÌR-it
Common gender Singular Plural
nominative 𒄊𒀸 𒄊𒌍, 𒄊𒅖
vocative 𒄊𒀀, 𒄊𒄿
accusative 𒄊𒀭 𒄊𒍑
genitive 𒄊𒀸 𒄊𒀸, 𒄊𒀭
dative-locative 𒄊𒄿 𒄊𒀸
allative 𒄊𒀀
ablative 𒄊𒊍 𒄊𒊍
instrumental 𒄊𒀉 𒄊𒀉

Usage notes[edit]

With original root *pata-, was written with syllabograms and with Sumerogram 𒄊 (GÌR), and also with determiners 𒍜 (UZU) and 𒄑 (GIŠ). Therefore nominative singular was most likely *patas.