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From Middle French -aud, from Old French -alt, -ault (later -aud) (compare Medieval Latin -aldus), from Frankish *-wald, suffixal note of Frankish *wald (power, mastery, dominion), from Proto-Germanic *waldaz, *waldą (rule, authority), from Proto-Indo-European *welə-, *wele- (to be strong, possess). Cognate with Old High German giwalt (power, might), Old Dutch gewalt, Old English wealda (power, dominion, mastery).



-aud m (feminine -aude)

  1. A suffix appended to forenames, especially those of Germanic origin
  2. An augmentative suffix
    court + ‎-aud → ‎courtaud
    rouge + ‎-aud → ‎rougeaud
  3. Used to create diminutives, or nouns having a pejorative connotation
    péquin + ‎-aud → ‎péquenaud
    sale + ‎-aud → ‎salaud