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Alternative forms[edit]



-sūra f (genitive -sūrae); first declension

  1. -ure, -work, -ing; used to form a noun relating to some action.

Usage notes[edit]

The suffix -sūra is added to the supine form of a verb to create a first-declension noun, typically naming the verb's action or an object associated with that action.

clausūra (clasp of a necklace), from clausum, supine of claudō (I shut, close)

The suffix -sūra (-tūra) resembles the feminine form of (and may be related to) the future active participle ending -tūrus, which describes impending or imminent action (e.g. pictūrus "about to paint"; scrīptūrus "on the point of writing").


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative -sūra -sūrae
genitive -sūrae -sūrārum
dative -sūrae -sūrīs
accusative -sūram -sūrās
ablative -sūrā -sūrīs
vocative -sūra -sūrae


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