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99 (previous 98, next 100)

  1. the number ninety-nine

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99 (plural 99s)

  1. (British, Ireland) An ice cream cone with a Cadbury's Flake (stick of chocolate) inserted into the ice cream.
    • 2008, Ian Pattinson, Global Weirding, →ISBN:
      "Two 99s please. And your story." The ice cream was in insulated compartments and he scooped it out []
    • 2011, On The Cobbles: Jimmy Stockin, →ISBN:
      'Two 99s for you, young man. A Fab? Yes, here you are, madam. A Mivvi coming up.' As he handed over the ices, the kids ran or just sauntered off. I don't know if the ice-cream man thought some adult was going to appear and pay for the lot, []
    • 2012, T. M. Alexander, A Thousand Water Bombs, →ISBN:
      'Two 99s, please.' Copper Pie held them while I searched for the right money. [] Copper Pie was still on the ground, holding the ice creams []