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AMOG (plural AMOGs)

  1. Initialism of adhesion molecule on glia.
  2. (seduction community, incel slang) Initialism of alpha male of group.
    • 2005, Strauss, Neil, The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, Text Publishing Company, →ISBN, OL 8777451M, page 234:
      So he watched the body language AMOGs used to lower his status in sets; he observed the eye contact they used to signify to girls that he was a creep; he analyzed the way they’d pat him on the back with so much force that he’d lose his balance.
    • 2008, Flam, Faye, The Score: How the Quest for Sex Has Shaped the Modern Man, Penguin Group, →ISBN, OL 12288425M, page 2:
      You start the whole thing by approaching a “set,” then pick a “target,” throw her a “neg,” assess her IOIs, use your wingman to help you with a DHV, then, working your way from the final attraction phase, A3, you change location for C1 through C3, always ready to counter her ASD and disarm or escape the AMOG. Who ever said women were the more complicated sex?
    • 2011, Grose, Anouchka, Why Do Fools Fall in Love: A Realist's Guide to Romance, Tin House Books, →ISBN, OL 25431211M, page 197:
      He backs this up with an understanding of how to annihilate an AMOG—the alpha male of a group—with a vital skill known as ‘amogging’ (making them look stupid).