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APL +‎ -er


APLer (plural APLers)

  1. (computing) A programmer who uses APL.
    • 1984, Byte magazine
      ...his disappointment that APL was not chosen over BASIC as IBM's premier language for the PC. Having established his credentials as an APLer, though,...
    • 1985, Lib Gibson, Joshua S Levine, Robert C Metzger, Application systems in APL: how to build them right‎
      This leaves two situations not covered — the repetitive task being done by an APLer, and the highly unstructured task...
    • 1986, SHARE, Proceedings: SEAS Spring Meeting 1986
      This means that APLers can take great strides in moving APL applications towards the machine efficiencies...
    • 1995, IEEE, Computer and Control Abstracts‎
      It is hoped that these transliteration programs have paved the way for communication among APLers to roll forward on the information superhighway.