Appendix:List of adjectives indicating shape

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This is a list of English adjectives indicating shape, often ending in "-form" and "-oid".

acicular acinaciform aciniform aculeiform adeniform aduncate aeriform aliform allantoid amygdaloid ancistroid ancoral anguiform anguilliform ankyroid annodated ansate apsidal aquiform araneiform arborescent arboriform arcate arciform arcuate arietinous aspergilliform aspidate auriform aveniform axiniform bacciform baculiform balanoid belemnoid beloid belonoid boniform boviform branchiform buccinal bufoniform bulliform bursiform calathiform calcariform calceiform calciform campaniform campanulate cancriform cannular capriform cardioid carinated cariniform cassideous caudiform cauliform ceratoid cheliform choanoid cingular circinate clathrate clavate claviform clithridiate clypeate cochlear coliform colliform colubriform conchiform conglobate coracoid cordate cordiform corniculate corniform coronoid corviform cotyliform crateriform cribriform cricoid cruciform cteniform cubiform cucullate cucumiform culiciform cultriform cumuliform cuneate cuneiform cupulate cyathiform cymbiform deiform deltoid dendriform dendritiform dentiform digitiform disciform dolabriform dolioform draconiform drepaniform echinuliform embryoniform ensiform eruciform fabiform falciform faviform feliform fibriform fibrilliform ficiform filiciform filiform fistuliform flabelliform flagelliform floriform foliform forcipiform foveiform fringilliform fucoid fulciform fundiform fungiform furcular fusiform galeated galeiform gasiform geminiform gladiate glandiform glenoid gliriform guttiform hamiform harengiform hastate hederiform helicoid helminthoid herpetiform hippocrepian hippocrepiform homaloidal hominiform hordeiform hyoid hypsiloid ichthyomorphic infundibuliform janiform lacertiform lachrymiform laciniform lageniform lambdoid lamelliform lanceolate lanciform lapilliform lentiform leporiform libriform ligniform ligulate limaciform linguiform lobular luciform lumbriciform lunate lunulate lupiform lyrate malleiform mammiform mammiliform mammose mandibuliform maniform manubrial medusiform menisciform mitrate mitriform molariform moniliform montiform morbilliform moriform mucroniform muriform muscariform napiform nariform nasutiform natiform navicular naviform nephroid neuralgiform nubiform nuciform nummiform oculiform olivary oliviform omegoid ooidal ophiomorphic oriform ostreiform oviform oviform ovopyriform palaceous paliform palmate pampiniform panduriform papilliform paraboliform patelliform pateriform pectiniform pediform pelecoid peltastiform pelviform pencilliform penniform phacoid phialiform phylliform piciform piciform pileated pileiform piliform pineal pinnate pisciform pisiform placentiform plataleiform plexiform poculiform podiform pomiform poriform probosciform pugioniform pulvilliform punctiform pyrgoidal pyriform radiciform raduliform ramiform raniform remiform reniform restiform retiform rhamphoid rhomboid riziform rostelliform ruiniform sacciform sacculiform sagittal sagittiform salpiform scalariform scalpeliform scalpriform scaphoid scapiform sciuroid scrotiform scutellate scutiform scyphiform securiform selliform semilunate septiform serratiform serriform setiform sigmate sigmoid siphoniform soleiform soliform spadiceous spatulate sphenoid spicaceous spiniform spiraliform squaliform squamiform stalactiform stapediform stellate stelliform stipiform stirious stratiform strigiform strombuliform struthiform styliform subulate sudiform sulciform taenioid tauriform tauromorphous tectiform theiform toroid trinacriform trochiform tuberiform tubiform turbinate turriform tympaniform umbiliciform umbraculiform unciform unguiform urceiform urceolate ursiform utriculiform utriform uvelloid variform vasculiform vasiform vergiform vermiform verruciform versiform villiform viperiform vitriform vulviform xiphoid ypsiliform zosteriform

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