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Reniform leaf of Cucurbita maxima
Reniform kidney bean seeds
Reniform compound eye of a species of longhorn beetle, (Cerambycidae)
Showing the reniform upper surface of the body of a lumbar vertebra
This drawing of a section of a kidney from a small to moderate size of mammal shows the outline of the shape that inspired the term "reniform"; larger mammals' kidneys tend to be more lobular


From Latin rēn (kidney) + -form.[1]


  • IPA(key): /ˈɹiːnɪfɔː(ɹ)m/
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reniform (not comparable)

  1. Shaped like a kidney; having a circular or roughly circular shape with a notch.[2][1]
    1. (medicine) That has the shape or profile of a kidney.
      intussusception with a reniform appearance
      multiple reniform circumscribed fat-containing masses
      kidney conserves its reniform contour
    2. (botany, of various anatomical structures) Shaped like a kidney: in leaves, having the petiole attached at the notch; in seeds or spores, shaped generally like a kidney bean.
    3. (zoology, of various anatomical structures) Shaped more or less like a human kidney in any of various ways, such as outline or contour, for example in the pupils of some species' eyes, the compound eyes of some insects, or the shapes of some bones or nodules.


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