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The letter “w” is subject to a wide range of variations through the addition of diacritics, capitalization, punctuation, and use in different scripts. These include:

Capitalization and punctuation[edit]


Other encodings[edit]

Other representations of W:

Other scripts[edit]


  • Ւ - majuscule
  • ւ - minuscule

Old English[edit]

  • Ƿ (wynn, majuscule, representing the sound /w/)
  • ƿ (wynn, minuscule, representing the sound /w/)



  • Ԝ - Majuscule
  • ԝ - Minuscule
  • Ў - Majuscule
  • ў - Minuscule


Ancient Greek[edit]

  • Ϝ – majuscule
  • ϝ – minuscule


Two vovs together װ is the usual way to transliterate W in Israel, though Yemenite Jews pronounce the regular vov ו the same as W.


  • (Japanese internet slang for a laugh, smile)
  • (symbol for the won, the national currency of South Korea)


Combinations with numbers[edit]


Similar symbols[edit]

  • ש, the Hebrew letter shin looks similar, but represents the "sh" sound.
  • ω, the Greek lowercase omega looks similar, but represents the letter "o".
  • Ш, the Cyrillic letter looks similar, but represents the '"sh" sound.
  • Щ, the Cyrillic letter looks similar, but represents the "щ" sound.