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Shortened from surname type given names such as Beauregard or Beaumont, or from the French word beau.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. A male given name used since mid-twentieth century.
    • 1936 Margaret Mitchell: Gone With the Wind: Chapter XXXV:
      'Mees Melly, I hear she call her boy "Beauregard". You tell her I, René, approve and say that except for "Jesus" there is no bettaire name.'
      And though he smiled, his eyes glowed proudly at the name of Louisiana's dashing hero.
      'Well, there's "Robert Edward Lee" ', observed Tommy. 'And while I'm not trying to lessen Old Beau's reputation, my first son is going to be named "Bob Lee Wellburn".'

Coordinate terms[edit]

  • Belle (female given name)

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