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Bible thumper (plural Bible thumpers)

  1. (derogatory) a Christian fundamentalist, or an over-zealous evangelical Christian.
    • 1870, J. Ashworth, “Old Ab'.”, in Strange Tales from Humble Life[1], Manchester: Tubbs and Brook, page 253:
      Zeal and knowledge have here a wide field ; the calm, thoughtful logician ; the cold, phlegmatic reasoner ; the cautious, pathetic pleader ; the shouting, stamping Bible thumper ; all have their mission, all have their followers and admirers...
    • 1900 June 16, Joseph Paul, “Lord Roberts in Times of Peace”, in The Standard[2], volume 47, number 42, Chicago: Goodman & Dickerson, page 7:
      The terms "Blue Light," "Holy Joe" and "Bible Thumper" began to lose some of their venom ; religion in the army was respected.