Boolean atom

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Boolean atom (plural Boolean atoms)

  1. (logic) A logical proposition that cannot be derived from other logical propositions by a Boolean operation.
    • 1975, Sue Ann Toledo, Tableau systems for first order number theory and certain order theories, page 234:
      This is a consequence of a fact established earlier, namely, that any set C formed by choosing one formula from each Sj must contain some formula πB and its conjugate, where B is a Boolean atom of X.
    • 1982, Krister Segerberg, Classical propositional operators, page 55:
      If C is a Boolean atom, the claim is obviously true.
    • 1994, Specification and Verification of Gate-level VHDL Models of Synchronous and Asynchronous Circuits, page 4:
      A list is a bit vector if each of its members is a Boolean atom.