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From Middle High German brille, berille, from Middle High German berillus (beryl), from Latin beryllus (beryl). Compare dialectal English brills (spectacles).


  • IPA(key): /ˈbʁɪlə/
  • (Austria)
  • (file)


Brille f (genitive Brille, plural Brillen)

  1. (pair of) glasses, spectacles (frames bearing two lenses worn in front of the eyes to correct vision)
    • 1919, Walther Kabel, Irrende Seelen, Werner Dietsch Verlag, page 42:
      In einer Seitenstraße kaufte ich mir bei einem Optiker eine billige, blaue Brille und setzte sie sofort auf.
      In a side street, I bought a cheap, blue pair of glasses at an optician and immediately put them on.
  2. (pair of) goggles (protective eyewear set in a flexible frame to fit snugly against the face)
  3. (toilet) seat (hinged, contoured seat with a hole in the middle, of a toilet)
  4. (medical) nasal canulla for oxygen (clear plastic tubes for the delivery of oxygen to the nose)


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  1. plural of Brill