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Etymology 1[edit]



  1. (metrology) Symbol for exaampere, an SI unit of electrical current equal to 1018 amperes.

Etymology 2[edit]



  1. (international standards) Exceptionally reserved ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for Ceuta and Melilla.
Usage notes[edit]

This is an exceptionally reserved code, included as part of ISO 3166-1 on the request of the World Customs Organization for the purpose of demarcating a part of Spain that is not part of the European Union Customs Union, and is not endorsed for general use by the ISO outside of that purpose.



EA (countable and uncountable, plural EAs)

  1. Initialism of executive assistant.
  2. (US) Initialism of enrolled agent.
  3. (Canada) Initialism of educational assistant.
  4. (organic chemistry) Initialism of ethyl acetate.
    • 2006, Gordon L. Robertson, “Structure and Related Properties of Plastic Polymers”, in Food Packaging: Principles and Practice, 2nd edition, CRC Press, →ISBN, page 25:
      For copolymers of ethylene, the other comonomer can be an alkene such as propene, butene, hexene or octene, or a compound having a polar functional group such as vinyl acetate (VA), acrylic acid (AA), ethyl acetate (EA), methyl acrylate (MA) or vinyl alcohol (VOH).
  5. (law) Initialism of environmental assessment.
  6. (computing) Initialism of enterprise architecture.
  7. (computing, biology) Initialism of evolutionary algorithm.
  8. (philosophy) Initialism of effective altruism.
    • 2022 September 9, Theodore Leinwand, “Neartermism and longtermism aren’t at odds”, in The Washington Post[1]:
      [] Christine Emba’s Sept. 6 op-ed, “The trouble with ‘longtermism,’ ” countered this philosophy’s occasional fanaticism with glib reductiveness. Moreover, she tarred with the same brush the spirit of the entire effective altruism (EA) movement — the giveaway at the start is that EA is derided for being “obsessed with ‘doing good better.’ ”
    • 2022 December 9, Jennifer Szalai, “Effective Altruism Warned of Risks. Did It Also Incentivize Them?”, in The New York Times[2]:
      This is the language of effective altruism — or E.A. — a philanthropic movement premised on the use of reason and data to do good. Bankman-Fried had long flaunted his E.A. bona fides to distinguish himself from other crypto billionaires.
  9. (philosophy) Initialism of effective altruist.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (video games) Initialism of Electronic Arts.
  2. (Islam) Initialism of Eid al-Adha.
  3. Initialism of East Africa.