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From Middle High German element, from Latin elementum (see further etymology there).


  • IPA(key): /(ˌ)e.leˈmɛnt/, [ele-], [elə-], [ələ-], [ˌeːle-], [ˌeːlə-], [ˌɛle-], [ˌɛlə-]
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Element n (genitive Elements or Elementes, plural Elemente)

  1. (chemistry) element
  2. element; essential component
  3. (chiefly in the plural) force of nature; the elements
    Die Elemente schienen sich gegen die Schiffsbesatzung verschworen zu haben.
    The elements seemed to have conspired against the ship’s crew.
  4. (chiefly in the plural and with adjectives) a person, especially viewed as a member of a destructive or criminal group or movement
    Unter den Anhängern dieses Vereins gibt es gewaltbereite Elemente.
    Among the supporters of this club there are individuals who are prone to violence.
    Wir stehen hier kriminellen Elementen gegenüber, die genau wissen, was sie tun.
    We are faced in this with criminal people (or simply: criminals) who know exactly what they are doing.


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