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FILF (countable and uncountable, plural FILFs)

  1. (Internet slang) Initialism of father I'd like to fuck.
    • 2014 September 17, “The Most Beautiful Baby In The World Has Arrived”, in hecklerspray:
      Gosling was on his way to becoming a bonafide FILF.
    • 2015 August 8, Rashed Mian, “Suit: Men Sexually Harassed by Valley Stream North High School Department Head”, in Long Island Press:
      She also referred to male members of the department as “FILF”—“fathers I would like to f**k,” according to the letter included in the complaint.
    • 2015 December, Wendiva Blaze, “Two Gay Dads, Three Biological Kids And The Internet Loves Them”, in 360Nobs:
      Kaleb Lewis is a model and one sexy FILF.
  2. (mathematics) Initialism of fuzzy integrated logical forecasting.
    • 2012, Issues in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Machine Learning, →ISBN, page 317:
      In this paper, fuzzy integrated logical forecasting (FILF) and extended FILF (E-FILF) algorithms are suggested for short term forecasting purposes,” wrote 0.
    • 2012, Mathematics—Advances in Research and Application, →ISBN:
      The aim of this paper is to improve the fuzzy logical forecasting model (FILF) by utilizing multivariate inference and the partitioning problem for an exponentially distributed time series by using a multiplicative clustering approach.
    • 2013, Emrah Bulut & Shigeru Yoshida, “Seasonal Fuzzy Integrated Logical Forecasting (SFILF) Model for the Time Charter Rates of Dry Bulk Shipping”, in IAME 2013:
      In this paper, the fuzzy integrated logical forecasting (FILF) method is extended to improve FTS forecasting by considering seasonal effect on data sets and it is called seasonal FILF (SFILF) method.

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