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The native German name of the Huns from Middle High German hiune, hūne, from Old High German hūn (compare contemporary Hunne, from Latin). The modern use of Hüne spread from the North and accordingly uses the German Low German form with a preserved monophthong, from Middle Low German hüne.



Hüne m ‎(genitive Hünen, plural Hünen)

  1. giant, hulk (tall man; often, but not necessarily, very muscular)
    Drago, ein eiskalter Hüne mit über 2,00 m Körperlänge, ist eine mit stahlharten Muskeln bepackte Kampfmaschine.
    “Drago, an ice-cold hulk of a man standing more than two metres tall, is a fighting machine packed with muscles of steel.
  2. (mythology) giant


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