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From German Heilsgeschichte.


Heilsgeschichte (uncountable)

  1. (theology) History seen as the work of God's salvation. (Especially, in Christianity, the history of the Old Testament, seen as a preparation for the coming of Christ.)
    • 1959, Guthrie/Hall, translating Oscar Cullman, The Christology of the New Testament, p. 306:
      Without a divine Heilsgeschichte it would not make sense to speak of Jesus' ‘deity’. He would then simply be one of the heroes of history—nothing more.
    • 2007, Terry Eagleton, The Guardian, 4 Dec 2007:
      He was not a Leninist because he would have had no conception of historical self-determination. The only kind of history that mattered was Heilsgeschichte, or salvation history.
    • 2008, Jill Bradley, You Shall Surely Not Die, vol. 1, p. 71:
      The much greater iconographic programmes of the other three Bibles mean that a sort of pictorial Heilsgeschichte can be given spread throughout the work: in the Bamberg it has to be compressed.
  2. (by extension) Any interpretation of history as leading to eventual well-being, as e.g. in Marxism.



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Heil (salvation) +‎ Geschichte (history)


Heilsgeschichte f

  1. Heilsgeschichte

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