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Hind +‎ -ian, or a conflation of Hindi or Hindu and Indian. The term seems to have been coined several times independently.


Hindian (countable and uncountable, plural Hindians)

  1. In the context of resistance to British colonialism, a native Indian, especially a Hindustani (plural often same as singular)
  2. In the context of Dravidian nationalism, a Hindustani
    • Dravida Kazhagam was started by E. V. Ramaswany in 1944 to protect Dravida Nadu, comprising the southern regions of the Indian subcontinent, from northern domination (more specifically Hindian domination) by establishing an independent Dravidian Nation. [...] Hindian domination of Tamil Nadu culturally, continued Hindi imposition, transfer of billions of Rupees from Tamil Nadu to Hindi states during the past five decades and the total impotence of Tamil Nadu politicians to do anything about it have convinced Tamil nationalists that Tamil national rights cannot be protected within India and the liberation of Tamil Nadu from Indian rule is the only solution. [parentheticals removed] Shankarlal C. Bhatt (2006) Land and People of Indian States and Union Territories. vol 25, Tamil Nadu. Gyan Publishing House. p. 139.
  3. In the context of Hindu nationalism, a native Indian of whatever religion, as a person of Hindu culture
  4. A town and district in Khuzistan, Iran, now Hendijan
  5. An old name for the Zohreh River separating Khuzistan and Bushehr provinces, named after the town