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Holmes +‎ -ish


Holmesish (comparative more Holmesish, superlative most Holmesish)

  1. Resembling or characteristic of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.
    • 1964, Books and Bookmen, Volume 10, page 71:
      But can they have accepted Edmund Wilson's verdict that all detective fiction is only Holmesish imitation, and elected to go back to Square One?
    • 1978, John Elkington, "Fuelling the EIA flame", New Scientist, 1 June 1978:
      The environmental dimensions of energy production and consumption are, in fact, rarely out of the news — although one sometimes needs a Holmesish dedication to ferret out the evidence.
    • 1990, Gregory Currie, The Nature of Fiction, Cambridge University Press (1990), ISBN 0521381274, page 140:
      One reply to this is to say that we should count "Holmes might not have been a detective" as true just in case each Holmesish individual has a counterpart that is not a detective.


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