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Sherlock Holmes +‎ -ish


Sherlock Holmesish (comparative more Sherlock Holmesish, superlative most Sherlock Holmesish)

  1. Resembling or characteristic of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.
    • 1959, Emilie Loring, With This Ring, Bantam (1959), page 41:
      "When I found the letters with a name which matched the initials I felt very Sherlock Holmesish. []
    • 1976, Betty Beaty, Love and the Kentish Maid, Harlequin (1976), →ISBN, page 131:
      Sir Berkeley stroked his beard and looked Sherlock Holmesish.
    • 2011, Delia Rosen, One Foot in the Gravy, Kensington Books (2011), →ISBN, page 16:
      [] the mystery bash's hostess sported a pearl necklace with an appropriately Sherlock Holmesish magnifying glass pendant, []


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