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Sherlock +‎ -y


Sherlocky (comparative more Sherlocky, superlative most Sherlocky)

  1. Resembling or characteristic of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.
    • 1922, A. A. Milne, chapter XXII, in The Red House Mystery:
      "Yes, now what was all that about? You were so damn Sherlocky yesterday all of a sudden. We'd been doing the thing together all the time, and you'd been telling me everything, and then suddenly you become very mysterious and private and talk enigmatically--is that the word?--about dentists and swimming and the 'Plough and Horses,' and--well, what was it all about? You simply vanished out of sight; I didn't know what on earth we were talking about."
    • 1925, Walt Mason, "Rippling Rhymes", The Calgary Daily Herald, 18 June 1925:
      My nephew was reading a story, a tale of the Sherlocky sort; its pages were startling and gory, and blood was dispensed by the quart.
    • 1967, Louisa R. Shotwell, Adam Bookout, The Viking Press (1967), page 236:
      [] We would have, if you weren't such a Sherlocky snoop. I suppose you'll tell me next you found our private clubroom."
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:Sherlocky.


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