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Sherlock Holmes +‎ -y


Sherlock Holmesy (comparative more Sherlock Holmesy, superlative most Sherlock Holmesy)

  1. Resembling or characteristic of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.
    • 1951, Roland Pertwee, The River God[1], page 7:
      And he wore a Sherlock Holmesy kind of cap with a swarm of salmon flies upon it, that to my boyish fancy was more splendid than a crown.
    • 2004, Graham Masterton, The Devil in Gray, Leisure Books (2004), ISBN 9780843953619, page 225:
      "Don't try to get all Sherlock Holmesy on me, Hicks. Sherlock Holmes wasn't always right. []
    • 2006, T. Lipshitz, Lipshitz Six, or Two Angry Blondes, Dutton (2006), ISBN 9781101213377, unnumbered page:
      I dont[sic] know, he says, all Sherlock Holmesy in a cloud of smoke.


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