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From Middle High German hundert, from Old High German hundert (or possibly from Old Saxon), from Proto-Germanic *hundaradą, from *hundą (< Proto-Indo-European *ḱm̥tóm) + *radą ‎(count).

Noun I[edit]

Hundert f ‎(genitive Hundert, plural Hunderte)

  1. the number 100 (hundred)

Noun II[edit]

Hundert n ‎(genitive Hunderts, plural Hunderte)

  1. A unity of hundred things.
    • 2014, Der Spiegel, issue 21/2014, page 62:
      Aber erst in Beirut lernte sie, wie professionelles Kochen geht, die Logistik, das Timing, die Organisation, um mehrere Hundert Mahlzeiten zuzubereiten.
      But not until Beirut she learned how professional cooking works, the logistics, the timing, the organization for preparing several hundred meals.

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]