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Alternative forms[edit]


India +‎ pale ale, from being the type of beer, an ale with little colouration, shipped from Britain to India, with a higher hops content to prevent spoilage and further fermentation during transit.


India pale ale (countable and uncountable, plural India pale ales)

  1. (alcoholic beverages) A beer, with a high level of alcohol and hops, traditionally made for export from Britain to India.
    • 1868, Chambers's Encyclopædia: A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge, page 810:
      This action proceeds most satisfactorily at a temperature of 72° F., and care is taken in the brewing of the finer varieties of beer, such as India pale ale and bitter beer, []
    • 1998, Pete Slosberg, Beer for Pete's Sake: The Wicked Adventures of a Brewing Maverick, page 128:
      Not bad for an amber or pale ale, but India pale ale, I don't think so. So why does Bass put IPA on the label?
    • 2005, Sam Calagione, Brewing Up a Business: Adventures in Entrepreneurship from the Founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, page 149:
      Hence, the India pale ale style was born.

Derived terms[edit]