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A 19th-century variant of Jane, apparently inspired by names like Alice, Bernice and Eunice.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name from Hebrew.
    • 1899 Paul Leicester Ford: Janice Meredith: Chapter 1:
      "Yes, Mommy," answered Janice. Then she turned to her friend and asked, "Shall I wear my light chintz and kenton kerchief, or my purple and white striped Persian?"
      "Sufficiently smart for a country lass, Jan," cried her friend.
    • 1999 Peter McPhee: Runner: →ISBN page 37,38:
      "Now class," she said, "my name is Mrs. Chubbie. I know how most of you would like to pronounce it, but the correct pronunciation is Mrs. Shew-bay." - - -
      "It's Jan-eece," the goth-girl says.
      "Pardon me?" Mrs Shew-bay asks very properly.
      "My name is pronounced Jan-eece. Not Janice." The whole class tries to stop from laughing out loud at this. - - - "I've changed since last year. Janice is the name of some average, boring student. Do I look average to you?"