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Blend of Jek(yll) +‎ ie, possibly by analogy with Trekkie.



Jekkie (plural Jekkies)

  1. (fandom slang) A fan of the musical Jekyll & Hyde.
    • 1997, Rebecca Mead, "Theater Preview", New York Magazine, 8 September 1997, page 72:
      The show already has a built-in constituency of some 300 “Jekkies,” who trailed Wildhorn's other musical, Jekyll & Hyde, as it wound its way through the country before opening here last May.
    • 1997, "Jekyll Vibes", The New York Times, 14 December 1997:
      So says -- nay, exclaims -- Pat Tortorella, an assistant bank manager from Staten Island who counts herself among the Jekkies, a fervent subculture of people from all over the country who are so enthralled by the Broadway musical Jekyll and Hyde that they see it again and again.
    • 2004, Steven Rivellino, Bright Lights, Big Changes, page 60:
      They helped give their audience exactly what they wanted by offering special ticket discounting especially for their "Jekkies", as well as backstage visits with the stars, and more.