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Etymology 1[edit]

Probably via unattested Middle Low German and Old Saxon forms from Latin cippus (pole). The word is attested in early modern German in an Upper German form kipfe and originally meant “top, point”.


Kippe f (genitive Kippe, plural Kippen)

  1. stub, butt (remnant of a smoked cigarette)
    Synonym: Stummel
  2. (colloquial) cigarette
    Synonyms: Zigarette, Fluppe
    Hasse ma 'ne Kippe?You got a fag?

Etymology 2[edit]

From the verb kippen (to tilt, to dump), which itself might be derived from Kippe (etymology 1, above).


Kippe f (genitive Kippe, plural Kippen)

  1. dump (pile of refuse)
    Synonym: Halde
  2. (chiefly in auf der Kippe) spot where something is tilted or tips over
Derived terms[edit]