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LOL +‎ -er


LOLer (plural LOLers)

  1. (Internet slang) A person who uses the expression LOL (laugh out loud).
    • 2009, Malcolm Venable, "Once-welcome LOL is now virtually DOA, and here's why", The Virginian-Pilot, 22 September 2009:
      Perhaps the worst offender is the LOLer who has no grasp of nuance or subtlety. He's like a comedian who comes down from the stage to sit on your lap, tell you a joke and then say, 'Get it?'
    • 2011, Octavia Lehman, "In Lehman's Terms", The Sounding Board (Grace College), Volume 58, Issue 2, 8 September 2011, page 7:
      When I actually laugh at what someone has written to me, I like to insert I AM LEGITIMATELY LAUGHING OUT LOUD, because it differentiates me from the frequent LOLers.
    • 2012, Dahlia Kurtz, "National UnFriend Day calls on Facebookers to cull their lists", 24 Hours (Vancouver, Canada), 19 November 2012:
      The talk show host created the now international day of action in 2010. From the start it was a huge success, as Kimmel said on his show: “We killed off millions of LOLers and OMGers.”
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:LOLer.
  2. (Internet slang) Something that causes one to laugh out loud.
    • 1998 July 18, Hari Har Singh, “Re: AFAB BULLIES ARE DISAPPOINTING”, in alt.consciousness.4th-way, Usenet[1]:
      >You know what picture reminds me of? The Roseanne Show, the
      >Haloween[sic] episode, where her Dan's head was sticking out of the table
      >on a platter vegetables! :-)

      I saw this too! What a LOLer!!
    • 1999 May 8, Bizarra, “Diva That Wouldn't Die”, in, Usenet[2]:
      And the classic... Elizabeth died..of many causes scene... LOL that one is a LOLer from beginning to end. "I'm famished, anyone want a tuna on rye?"
    • 2005 May 16, Jim Tiberio, “Re: 8 wins against Oak-Sea....”, in, Usenet[3]:
      > Let"s not "forget" it took 86 years to win a world series-LOL

      Yes, that was a real LOLer!