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Land (land, country) +‎ Mann (man)



Landsmann m (genitive Landsmanns or Landsmannes, plural Landsleute or Landsmänner, feminine Landsfrau or Landsmännin)

  1. a (male) national; one who comes from some country or region
    Siehst du das ausländische Auto da? Was ist denn das für ein Landsmann?
    Do you see that foreign car? What country are they from?
  2. a (male) compatriot; a fellow countryman; one who comes from the same country or region as another
    Der Oppositionsführer hat seine Landsleute zum Widerstand aufgerufen.
    The opposition leader has called his compatriots to resistance.
    Es ist doch immer schön, wenn man sich mal mit einem rheinischen Landsmann unterhalten kann.
    It’s always nice to have the chance to talk to a fellow Rhenish person once in a while.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The normal plural is Landsleute, which includes both men and women.
  • The plural Landsmänner can only refer to men. It has an informal ring to it and is fairly uncommon.


Derived terms[edit]

See also[edit]

  • Landmann (not to be confused with this term)

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