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Liza macrolepsis


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LLISA in Catalan (also Mújol). In Portuguese and old Castilian Spanish, LIÇA. In Italian LECCIA/LIZZA. In Venetian, LISSA. In Serbo-Croatian LÌCA.

Supposing that the old primitive form were ALICIA, it might be related to the Latin Word ALLEC (sort of big sardine, hering). Cf. Diccionari Etimològic i Complementari de la Llengua Catalana, p. 221-222-223, Curial Edicions Catalanes, Barcelona 1985. In Latin, Mugil or Mugilis. Mújol in Spanish (but also Lisa, Liza). Cf. Diccionario de Uso del Español María Moliner, Ed. Gredos, Madrid 1984).

Proper noun[edit]

Liza f

  1. A taxonomic genus within the family Mugilidae – a large group of mullets.

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Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name, diminutive of Eliza and Elizabeth.