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Alternative forms[edit]


Mārs +‎ -ius.



Mārtius (feminine Mārtia, neuter Mārtium); first/second-declension adjective

  1. of or belonging to Mars, the god of war; sacred to Mars
  2. (figuratively) warlike, martial
  3. of or belonging to the planet Mars
  4. of or pertaining to the month of March, of March, the first month of the traditional Roman year or third month of the Gregorian calendar


First/second-declension adjective.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative Mārtius Mārtia Mārtium Mārtiī Mārtiae Mārtia
Genitive Mārtiī Mārtiae Mārtiī Mārtiōrum Mārtiārum Mārtiōrum
Dative Mārtiō Mārtiō Mārtiīs
Accusative Mārtium Mārtiam Mārtium Mārtiōs Mārtiās Mārtia
Ablative Mārtiō Mārtiā Mārtiō Mārtiīs
Vocative Mārtie Mārtia Mārtium Mārtiī Mārtiae Mārtia

Proper noun[edit]

Mārtius m (genitive Mārtiī or Mārtī); second declension

  1. The month of March (from mensis Martius).


Second-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative Mārtius Mārtiī
Genitive Mārtiī
Dative Mārtiō Mārtiīs
Accusative Mārtium Mārtiōs
Ablative Mārtiō Mārtiīs
Vocative Mārtī Mārtiī

1Found in older Latin (until the Augustan Age).


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