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Melnkalne (Eiropā)
Melnkalnes karogs


From melns ‎(black) +‎ kalns ‎(mountain), following the model of other languages, e.g., Italian Montenegro (< monte ‎(mountain) and negro ‎(black), whence English Montenegro), Russian Черногория ‎(Černogórija) (< чёрный ‎(čórnyj, black) and гора ‎(gorá, mountain)), Albanian Mali i Zi ‎(black mountain), all basically translations of Serbo-Croatian Црна Гора ‎(Crna Gora, Black Mountain), a term that originally referred to Mt. Lovćen, and later, by extension, to the entire region, province, now independent country, of Montenegro.



Proper noun[edit]

Melnkalne f ‎(5th declension)

  1. Montenegro (country in the Balkans in Eastern Europe, with Podgorica as its capital)
    Melnkalnes karogs — the flag of Montenegro
    Melnkalnes prezidents — the president of Montenegro
    Melnkalne ir valsts Balkānu reģionā, Eiropā — Montenegro is a country in the Balkan region, in Europe


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