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 Melnkalne on Latvian Wikipedia
Melnkalne (Eiropā)
Melnkalnes karogs


From melns (black) +‎ kalns (mountain), following the model of other languages, e.g., Italian Montenegro (< monte (mountain) and negro (black), whence English Montenegro), Russian Черногория (Černogorija) (< чёрный (čórnyj, black) and гора́ (gorá, mountain)), Albanian Mali i Zi (black mountain), all basically translations of Serbo-Croatian Црна Гора (Black Mountain), a term that originally referred to Mt. Lovćen, and later, by extension, to the entire region, province, now independent country, of Montenegro.



Proper noun[edit]

Melnkalne f (5th declension)

  1. Montenegro (country in the Balkans in Eastern Europe, with Podgorica as its capital)
    Melnkalnes karogsthe flag of Montenegro
    Melnkalnes prezidentsthe president of Montenegro
    Melnkalne ir valsts Balkānu reģionā, EiropāMontenegro is a country in the Balkan region, in Europe


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