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Proper noun[edit]

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  1. Any of several places of that name (or Moreton) meaning "settlement near a moor or marsh", or named after people.
    1. A number of places in England:
      1. A western suburb of Carlisle, Cumbria (OS grid ref NY3854). [1]
      2. A hamlet in Hesket parish and Skelton parish, near Calthwaite, Eden district, Cumbria (OS grid ref NY4539).
      3. A village and civil parish in North East Derbyshire district, Derbyshire (OS grid ref SK4160).
      4. A suburb of Thornbury, South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire (OS grid ref ST6491). [2]
      5. A suburban area in Brading parish, Isle of Wight (OS grid ref SZ6086).
      6. A hamlet in Swinderby parish, near Morton Hall, North Kesteven district, Lincolnshire (OS grid ref SK8863). [3]
      7. A village in Morton and Hanthorpe parish, South Kesteven district, Lincolnshire (OS grid ref TF0924).
      8. A village and civil parish by Gainsborough, West Lindsey district, Lincolnshire (not actually named "Morton by Gainsborough"; OS grid ref SK8091). [4]
      9. A hamlet in Morton on the Hill parish, Broadland district, Norfolk (OS grid ref TG1217).
      10. A hamlet in Babworth parish, Bassetlaw district, Nottinghamshire (OS grid ref SK6780). [5]
      11. A village in Fiskerton cum Morton parish, Newark and Sherwood district, Nottinghamshire (OS grid ref SK7251).
      12. A hamlet in Oswestry Rural parish, Shropshire (OS grid ref SJ2924). [6]
    2. A commune in Vienne department, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France.
    3. A community in Rideau Lakes, Ontario, Canada.
    4. A number of places in the United States:
      1. A village in Tazewell County, Illinois.
      2. An unincorporated community in Putnam County, Indiana.
      3. A minor city in Renville County, Minnesota.
      4. A city in Scott County, Mississippi.
      5. An unincorporated community in Ray County, Missouri.
      6. A hamlet in Kendall, Orleans County, New York.
      7. A neighbourhood in north-west Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
      8. A borough in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.
      9. A small city, the county seat of Cochran County, Texas.
      10. A city in Lewis County, Washington.
      11. An unincorporated community in Fremont County, Wyoming.
      12. A number of townships in the United States, listed under Morton Township.
  2. An English and Scottish habitational surname from Old English from the placename.
  3. A male given name transferred from the surname.
  4. A Scottish earldom.

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