Mount Everest

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Mount Everest


Named by Andrew Waugh after George Everest.

Proper noun[edit]

Mount Everest

  1. The world’s highest mountain, located in the Himalayas between Nepal and Tibet.
  2. (figuratively) Epitome, ultimate; an endeavor that is very demanding yet rewarding.
    • 2017, David Salazar (interview with Russell Thomas), Q & A: Tenor Russell Thomas on His First ‘Otello’ & Historic Met ‘Bohème’, OperaWire (October 4, 2017):
      OW: Many see it as the Mount Everest of tenor roles. What made you feel ready to take it on at this moment in your life? And why with ASO?
      RT: It definitely is the Mount Everest of tenor roles!!
    • 2018, Tim Carman, Can a chile pepper really cause an ‘incapacitating’ headache?, The Washington Post (April 12, 2018):
      To people of a certain disposition — thrill-seekers, daredevils, folks who never want to taste their food again — the Carolina Reaper is the Mount Everest of foodstuffs. It must be conquered.



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