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  1. (fandom slang) out of character
    • 2000 February 25, azirok [username], “Re: [Ranma][FanFic] Kuno Finds Out?”, in rec.arts.anime.fandom, Usenet[1]:
      Even then, some of the characters were pretty OOC (though I suppose that could be explained by the "magical effect" of the onions).
    • 2001 January 15, Talen [username], “Re: Funimation to aquire Yu Yu Hakusho....”, in alt.fan.dragonball, Usenet[2]:
      It'd be OOC if Vejita[sic] weeped upon seeing Goku die at the hands of a big cricket thing. Because he saw it in the series and it didn't really bug him.
    • 2002 June 26, PriestesMiaka [username], “Re: Best Crossover fanfics?”, in alt.fan.harry-potter, Usenet[3]:
      A lot of them seem to either almost completely remove Harry and co. from the fic and have the new characters doing all the wonderful things that Harry was supposed to do, or they have the characters acting completely OOC.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:OOC.
  2. out of curiosity.