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POC (countable and uncountable, plural POCs)

  1. Initialism of proof of concept.
    PoC exploit
  2. Initialism of point of contact.
  3. (accounting) Initialism of percentage of completion.
  4. (medicine) Initialism of point of care.
  5. (nautical) Initialism of port of call.
  6. Initialism of person of color or people of color.
    Coordinate terms: BIPOC, MOC, NBPOC, WOC
    Organizers didn’t think to invite even a single POC to speak.
    The participation of POC in the ceremony.
    • 2019 February 17, Kathrine Jebsen Moore, “A Witch-hunt on Instagram”, in Claire Lehmann, editor, Quillette[1], Sydney, N.S.W., archived from the original on 2 March 2019:
      Rapidly, knitters on Instagram started using hashtags such as #pocknitters and #diversknitty, and there were calls to support POC knitters by buying from them (if they owned a business) and following them, and to “buy them a coffee” by donating money to their Patreon accounts.
  7. (slang, vulgar) Initialism of piece of crap.