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  1. (algebraic geometry) projective special linear group



PSL (countable and uncountable, plural PSLs)

  1. (snowboarding) Initialism of parallel slalom.
    Coordinate terms: GS, PGS
  2. (business) Initialism of preferred supplier list.
  3. Initialism of pumpkin spice latte (coffee drink made with a mix of fall spice flavors).
    • 2016 September 1, Megan McCluskey, “Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Finally Here”, in Time[1]:
      Starbucks has sold 200 million PSLs since the cinnamon-y sweet coffee was first introduced in 2003, making it the most popular seasonal beverage ever, according to a Starbucks spokesperson.
    • 2018, “Coffee Is a Flavor”, in Coffee [] [2], Time Home Entertainment, →ISBN:
      Chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain once said, “I would like to see the pumpkin-spice craze drown in its own blood.” Railing against the mighty PSL is like going on Instagram to complain about photos of Mason jars.
  4. (law) Initialism of professional support lawyer.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Initialism of Port St. Lucie.